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u know it honestly pisses me off that u have anon nights but u dont answer peoples asks. like people took time out of their night to message u bc u wanted to have an anon night and u cant even publish ...
i squirted for the first time last night lmao im so lonely
i made myself come like seven ?? times last night i cant even remember how many times it was but im pretty fuckin proud lmao
are u dating that person w the orange hair?? yall are cute
whoa you're so pretty i wish i was as aesthetic as you.. ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ
what does this mean? this one truly has me stumped
Hah I just found your blog by searching for female orgasm denial in tumblr tags. I don't want to DO most of the things that I read about on your blog but I love to observe. I love to edge for hours wh ...
Hi I want to eat you out, to be honest.
I've been trying to edge daily for the past few weeks, but always go too long and accidentally make myself cum. However, I read about Cal's Curse here and I've been listening to it at least twice a da ...
i'm so happy! i'm only 18 and just got introduced to the world of BDSM a few months ago. In that time, i've mainly used it as a way to get off hahaha, but haven't actually been participating if ya get ...

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